Wednesday, 2 September 2015

11 Luxury Hotels for Dogs (and Cats)

Happy Dog
Pet Grooming, kennels and luxury spas and beds for pets are all trending. No longer are dog grooming places decorated with drab walls, neon lights, and technicians dressed in hospital green. Take your pet to a luxury pet hotel where they can be pampered. After all, you enjoy a nice day at the spa, or a luxury hotel while on vacation, why shouldn’t your pet?
luxe pet hotel
Looking for a place to go that you will remember your entire life?  The choices are plentiful now and you can rest assured that while you are on your exotic vacation, your pet is being treated with expert care in a lush and loving environment.  Sounds like a win/win. (above image – Luxe Hotel, NV)

cat sleeping at pet hotel
Amazing pet kennels can now be found just about anywhere you might want to vacation in the world.  Our top ten picks include the following resorts…

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